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Character Skills[edit]

Skills are needed to perform various tasks in the game. Some are needed for construction, others for growing plants, and fighting abilities.

At the beginning of the game, the player has the ability to level their skills all to level 10. They will need to pay to level past that with leveling points (LP). Each skill has 5 levels you can purchase with LP. Each level provides an opportunity to enhance the ability by 25 points (25, 50, 75, 99) aside from the grandmaster level which allows it to advance to 100. Skills are enhanced by performing the appropriate actions by crafting, constructing, harvesting, etc.

Performing certain actions in addition to the skill also improves the attribute corresponding to the skills. For example, performing an action corresponding to the carpentry skill also gives a bonus to strength, and corresponding pottery to dexterity. These are also color coded for convenience.

Moreover, the attributes also have an effect on the skills that depend on them: in addition to limiting the gain depending on the skill level, there is also a limitation that it is impossible to strengthen the skill if the value is equal to the attribute value (in fact, there is also a dependence on the current value of the skill improvement but it does not create a hard limit and is needed to slow down).

Плотничество / Carpentry Обработка металла / Metalworking Обработка кожи / Leatherworking
Обработка камня / Stoneworking Горное дело / Mining Рубка леса / Lumberjacking
Гончарное дело / Pottery Портняжное дело / Tailoring Фехтование / Swordsmanship
Механика / Mechanics Алхимия / Alchemy / Tailoring
Выживание / Survival Фермерство / Farming Fishing
Травничество / Herbalism Кулинария / Cooking Лидерство / Leadership