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Ores and mining[edit]

One of the basics in all survival games is mining and processing metal ores. You will need it to create better weapons, armor and tools. The process is as follows: Mine ore, which you will smelt into ingots, which in turn you will process into various items. In the world of Rogalia, we have following types of ores:

Notice!:The smelting times are obsolete due to changes in internal mechanics

Image Name Location Smelting time Coal pieces
copper-ore.png Copper Ore Surface 3min 30sec 1
iron-ore.png Iron Ore Surface 10min 3
titanium-ore.png Titanium Ore Caves 1hour 52min 32
meteorite-ore.png Meteorite Ore Caves 2hours 48min 48
silver-ore.png Silver Ore Caves 19min 5+branch
golden-ore.png Gold Ore Caves 33min 9+branch
platinum-ore.png Platinum Ore Caves 55min 15+branch
mythril-ore.png Mythril Ore Caves 2hours 48min 48

1 piece of coal burns for 3 and half minutes

Mining Ore[edit]

As one can suppose, for the mining of ore you will need a pickaxe. Better pickaxe in terms of material means faster mining, and more durability. The q, or quality of the ore you mine depends on two things - your level, and pickaxe q. Ore can be found in three different nodes, which contain different amount of ore:

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Small vein, contains 2 pieces

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Average vein, contains 10 pieces

Файл:Large-vein.PNG Large vein, contains ?? pieces

Be noted - the ore veins will not be visible by itself, you either have to get really close to them to show up, or use a Prospector tool.

Surface Mining[edit]

Surface mining is where you will definitely start. To find places to mine, look on your minimap for white-colored spots, that looks like this. When you use the world map (default key:m), the spots will look exactly the same.
Mining minimap.png

However, in the game window, the areas which spawn mine nodes will be dark, even black coloured, like this.

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After you either use a prospector tool, or get close enough to the vein to show up, right click with pickaxe equipped, and select Chip.

Cave mining[edit]

Ore is much more abundant in cavesШаблон:Citation needed, but many dangers lie underneath the surface, from high level, aggresive monsters. Getting into underground levels is quite easy - all you have to do, is either find a cave entrance or a stairs down. The stairs can be built by anyone with mining level 25+

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Cave entrance

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In the caves, you can freely use prospector tool in cleared areas to find ore. BEWARE OF MONSTERS

Smelting Ore[edit]

Prior to crafting tools from ore, it must first be processed in Smelter. Smelter can be fuelled, as it is with any fuelled building, by branches, sticks, coal or charcoal. Simply input the ore, fuel the smelter, right click on it and select burn, to turn ore into ingots. Do not forget to Right-click and Snuff out after finishing, to not waste any fuel.
Smelter-anvil.PNG Smelter with anvil by its right side.
After smelting, simply walk close to anvil, equip an hammer and craft away!