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First steps[edit]


After completing the training, you enter the city. You have 8 gold to buy Stake claim License, but it is better to first take the quest from the banker. You can buy Stake claim License from him (Bank> Get stamps).
After that you will have a piece of paper in your inventory - a Stake claim License. It is needed to craft the Stake claim. Run around the city, explore the local nps.
After that, you can teleport from the city to the terrain, through the blue teleports located at the bottom right.
On the ground, you can put your Stake claim - your territory. To do this, select the Stake claim in the crafting items window and craft it.
Choosing a place under the Stake claim, remember: the terrain is different in speed of movement on it, you will need squares of water, stony squares stop producing ore if they are on the brand, in the near future you will need trees and stones.
Putting your Stake claim building on it respawn - through the crafting window. You will automatically become attached to each newly built respawn
For the construction of objects and the creation of objects, as a rule, some tools are required, at the beginning of the game you were taught how to create them.

If you see a horse, it can be used on the farm - right-click - ride it. Riding on horseback is much faster and if you carry something over your head, this does not affect speed.

In the game there is "Karma". Gutting human corpses, robbing graves or killing other players, you deteriorate karma and lose the protection of the synod on the surface.


The game has six core attributes and seventeen associated with them skills. The growth of certain attributes interferes a little with others, therefore it will be harder to pump over at the same time, for example, both force and intellect than only force. However, even having chosen a certain specialization, as the level grows, most of the opportunities of the other profession will still be available.

Oppositing attributes:

power ↔ intellect
vitality ↔ perception
agility ↔ wisdom
Carpentry Metalworking Leatherworking
Stoneworking Mining Lumberjacking
Pottery Tailoring Swordsmanship
Mechanics Alchemy
Survival Farming Fishing
Herbalism Cooking Leadership

Property Protection[edit]

Rogalia is an open world where anyone can be both a law-abiding citizen and an inveterate villain. Someone can kill you, rob or destroy your unfinished constructions and kill all your chickens. After you have decided on your role in the game, you should attend to survival in this aggressive environment and learn how to protect your property. In the world, such protection is the Stake claim - a symbol of your belonging to one of the Fractions, which does not allow other players to destroy anything in the territory covered by this Stake claim. To protect your home, you must fence your plot of land. It can be stone walls or a wicker fence - it does not matter. Alien fence within the boundaries of the Stake claim can not be destroyed. After creating the Stake claim, it must be paid. The payment is equal to the cost of the Stake claim and you have to pay it yourself once a week. You can pay in advance, but it will cost more. If by the settlement day there is not enough money in the bank, the Stake claim (your right to land) will disappear and your plot will be plundered, destroyed or even seized. To allow your friend to open the gate and use containers on the territory of your Stake claim, you need to add it to your friends through chat commands or right-click on the player’s nickname in the chat - “Add to friends”. Be careful - a friend can destroy your belongings.

How to make money at the beginning?[edit]

In the city in the artisan quarter, look at the NPS that you can sell them and the prices on the "Sell" tab. You will know - what can they buyed. Also in the city there is a market on which there are merchants and Larisa where you can see the auction. At the auction the players themselves buy the sell. See what they are buying up

The earning recipes at first:

  1. Collect flowers
    We walk around the area, collect flowers. In the city, at the table of a herbalist, we make flower essence from flowers and immediately sell it to NPS. Flower essence is often bought by others players.
  2. Disassemble things into atoms.
    In the artisan quarter there is an alchemical circle on which, by placing your character, you can disassemble any created object into atoms (right-click on the item in the inventory and the "Disassemble" command) and sell the nps to the atoms. Parsing randomly, so - how lucky. At first, the easiest way to do is to make cups of bark, sharp sticks or sharp stones with subsequent disassembling in the city. Atoms are buying NPS, besides, you can make energy from atoms - players are buying it. Also, sometimes players buy up the atoms themselves.
  3. Get a job.
    Often, high-level players are too lazy to perform routine operations and they hire newcomers for specific jobs. Follow the chat or ask yourself in the chat: is there a job?
  4. Crafting simple materials
    At first, your character can chop trees into wood, and burn wood in city furnaces into coal. After that, this coal is sold to players as a finished product. Often buy just firewood and boards.
  5. Fishing
    Fishing is a good way to not only get good food at the beginning of the game, but also to make money. Players often buy different fish for quests, salmon is valued by all chefs for fat content, and if you're lucky you can catch the "chudo-yudo" - a very rare and expensive fish.


  • The growth of attributes occurs when using any skill that depends on this attribute, and in the presence of nutrients, obtained by eating different dishes.
  • Each skill corresponds to one attribute, and the value of the skill cannot exceed the attribute value. Thus, you can not pump carpentry to 15, having a force of only 14.
  • Skill leveling occurs during crafting or other application of the corresponding skill until it reaches its threshold (equal to the attribute value).
  • You can try to create things that you do not fit the skill, then there is a chance to lose the ingredients and not create anything, but the skill will still be pumped.
  • After the skill has been upgraded, new recipes will stop being red after refreshing the page.

So, if you want to pump carpentry up to level 11, and the strength (attribute associated with carpentry) is level 10, you need:

  1. Find food that gives protein.
  2. Eat it
  3. Create a carpentry thing
  4. After creating things you will receive a notification about the increase in strength and carpentry
  5. As soon as the protein drops to zero, the pumping of strength will stop working.

Watch for overeating, if your satiety is too high, vitamins are not absorbed.


In any game, death comes sooner or later. What are the cons of death in this game?

  • Your vitamins will fall in half (v 0.44).
  • The number of your Learning Points (LP) will be halved.
  • Your karma will become zero.
  • All your belongings will remain on the corpse. (v 0.44 - while things remain with the player)
  • You will be resurrected in a special dungeon from where you will come to the city at respawn with a full stock of health and satiety.


  • I can not enter! My account was deleted?
  • The size of characters of login too matters.
  • Can the fortified vitamins disappear over time?
  • No, only using or death
  • How to cook on a bonfire?
  • You need to put firewood in the bonfire window, then right-click on it and “Burn”. Then, selecting bonfire as a target and standing next to it, open the crafting window and craft the necessary food.

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