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First questions[edit]

How can I stack items?

You can't (by design).

There is a number in the top right corner. What does it mean?

It is the item quality. It varies from 1 to 100. Higher is better. More info — rmb > Information

Don't stack.

My name is red. What's wrong?

You have negative karma. You lose karma by killing other players or by gutting player corpses. To gain karma you can bury corpses and kill mobs. After your death your negative karma will decrease.

Don't gut corpses!

How can I restore HP?

You can sleep in a bed (there are some in the city). There are also recipes for potions, healing cream, joints, and other items that can restore HP. Healing cream being one of the easiest recipes to make in early game.

Help me! I'm dying!

Why am I so slow after eating?

You overate. Food has energy which increases your fullness. Eat too much and you become slow. You can use a toilet (there is one in the city tavern) to speed up digestion. If you use the toilet, it will also take half your health.

Don't overeat.

How do I level up?

Craft things or kill things. Don't start out trying to kill wolves. First get some armor and hunt weaker enemies.


I've put an item behind a wall/tree/etc. How can I get it?

Shift+Z - hides big objects. All hotkeys are listed in the in-game Help window.

It's gone!

How can I leave the city?

Find a portal to random location (go the the east side of town on the minimap).

How can I return to the city?

You can build a respawn (via the crafting window) or find someone else's.

The city respawn will return you to the respawn on which you entered. However, it's better to build your own respawn on your claim.


How can I protect my stuff?

Buy a claim license from Scrooge, the banker, in the city for 8 gold. In the craft window (F) find the "claim" recipe. Find a nice place in the wild near some water and build your claim there. No one can hurt the claim's owner on their territory (but they can attack anyone).

Others cannot steal your things from chests or take the chests themselves but they can pick up small items and ride your things (ie. plow and horse), so you have to build a fence and don't leave the doors open.

The claim's base weekly rent is 8 gold (or more if you extended it). You can pay for it in the city Bank. Maximum pay duration is 3 months.

Why I was robbed with a working claim?

You have to build a good fence inside your claim. You can use shift + Z to see if there are holes in your fence.

My claim is my castle, but only with fence

I've found a bug!

Report it there:

  1. The official game forums