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Vital signs[edit]

Health (HP)[edit]

Satiety (Fullness)[edit]




Combat attribute. Affects damage.

Dependent abilities:


Combat attribute. Affects health level (HP). Formula: HP = vitality * 30

Dependent abilities:


Combat attribute. Affects defence and accuracy

Dependent abilities:


Dependent abilities:


Dependent abilities:


Dependent abilities:


Main article: Nutrients

Nutrients are necessary for increasing the attributes. They can be received by eating food.

Attributes can be increased by certain actions (example: cutting trees down). Increasing is accounted for bounded nutrient. Every attribute has an opposite attribute (example - strength is opposite to intellect), and increasing one of the attributes slows the opposite attribute's growth.

Dependence attribute - nutrient

  • Strength - Protein
  • Vitality - Fat
  • Dexterity - Carbohydrate
  • Intellect - Phosphorus
  • Perception - Calcium
  • Мудрость - Magnesium

Additional statistics[edit]

  • Speed - influences movement speed. Changes depending on special states, terrain, equipment.
  • Armor - Changes depending upon equipment. Allows to decrease damage.
  • Defence - Decreases damage.
  • Accuracy - Accuracy in combat.
  • Experience (Exp) - Allows to increase character's level
  • Learning points - Allows to study new abilities.


  • Murders - calculates count of killing mobs. Every mob murder influences fame and helps to reduce karma.
  • Player murders - Changes karma and fame depending on player's fraction.
  • Death - Player's death count
  • Karma - Changes depending on good or bad deeds.
    • Bad deeds are:
      • Killing other players (neutral or your fraction);
      • Robbing graves;
    • Good deeds are:
      • Killing other fraction players
      • Killing mobs.
  • Fame - gets for murders.
  • Status points - changes depending quests completing.

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