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List of crops in the game:

Plant Crops Seed Name Related Skills Use Growth time Time of decay Output
carrot-plant-adult.png carrot.png carrot-seed.png Carrot Cooking Cook food, fed to horse, cow, rabbit 24 hours fully grown (12 hours less grown) 48 hours fully grown - 2 Carrots + 2 seeds, less grown - 1 Carrot, 1 seed.
flax-plant-adult.png flax.png flax-seed.png Flax Tailoring Craft thread and linen cloth. 18 hours one week 2 Flaxis + 2 seeds
wheat-plant-adult.png wheat.png wheat-seed.png Wheat Cooking, Carpentry, Tailoring, Farming Cook food and make things 36 hours one week 4 Wheats + 2 seeds + 1 straw
tobacco-plant-adult.png tobacco-leaf.png tobacco-seed.png Tobacco Herbalism Craft cigarettes and cigars. 36 hours one week 2 tobacco leafs + 2 seeds
hop-plant-adult.png hop.png hop-seed.png Hop Cooking Craft beer. 36 hours one week 2 Hops + 2 seeds
pumpkin-plant-adult.png pumpkin.png pumpkin-seed.png Pumpkin Cooking Pumpkin soup. 36 hours one week 1 Pumpkin (which can be cut into 6 pieces) + 2 seeds
pepper-plant-adult.png pepper.png pepper-seed.png Pepper Cooking Cook food 36 hours one week 3 Peppers + 3 seeds
onion-plant-adult.png onion.png green-onion.png onion-seed.png Onion Cooking Cook food 24 hours (12 hours green) 48 hours fully grown - 1 green onion + 2 onions + 2 seeds; less grown - 1 green onion + 1 seed
potato-plant-adult.png potato.png potato-seed.png Potato Cooking Cook food 36 hours one week 3 Potato + 2 seeds
hemp-plant-adult.png hemp.png hemp-seed.png Weed Cooking, Herbalism Craft joint 36 hours one week 2 weeds + 2 seeds
grape-plant-adult.png grape.png grape-seed.png grape Cooking Craft Wine 36 hours - fully grown. 24 hours - less grown. 7 days fully grown - 3 grapes, 3 seeds, less grown - 2 grapes, 2 seeds.
mushroom-plant-adult.png mushroom-1.png mushroom-10.png mushroom-spore.png mushroom Cooking, Herbalism, Alchemy Cook food, essence, pills, drug. 36 hours Player Gathering 3 mushrooms, 2 spores.
flower-2.png flower-4.png Flower Pottery, Herbalism Craft essence, vase, fed to bee gatherable at field Player Gathering
grass-plant-adult.png grass-1.png grass-2.png Grass Survival Craft rope, sowing ground, fed to rabbit, cow. 12 hours Player Gathering 4 grasses
turnip.png turnip-seed.png Turnip Removed, left artifacts

Chickens are fed seeds of plants. The quality of the seeds does not affect the quality of the eggs.

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