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Trees are the most abundant resource you will find, with maybe only one exception - stones. Trees spawn in different qualities, and in Rogalia we have five different types of trees, as seen in the table below.

Tree types
Image Name Branches Twigs Seeds Fruit
apple-tree-1.png Apple Tree 3 2 3 3 apple.png
birch-tree-1.png Birch Tree 5 2 2
fir-tree-1.png Fir Tree 5 4 1
palm-tree-1.png Coconut Palm 2 3 coconut.png
banana-palm-tree-1.png Banana Palm 2 3 banana.png

Branches and twigs are mainly used for building and cooking, while also can be used as fuel, although not very effective. When chopped, trees will be single piece of lumber, and after chopping off of excess branches, will become two pieces of logs. When you pick a tree clean, all items (branches, twigs and fruit) will be restored, 1 piece of each roughly every 8 hours.

Quality of materials gathered from tree can never be more than sqrt(perception*survival)

Planting trees[edit]

Trees are planted like normal crops, in 2x2 tilled square, and can be planted in various q, depending on the seed gathered. Be noted that q of soil does NOT influence q of grown trees or crops. The q of mature tree can be counted as follows:

seed q +/- 3 and max(sqrt(perception*farming))

Planted trees grow in 4 stages, the 4th being final. The growing takes 96 hours, with different stages taking 24,24 and 48 hours respectively.