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Welcome to the Rogalia wiki.
Where to start?

First, read these:

Important: Using Scripts.

Useful: Crafting FAQ.

About Rogalia

Rogalia — Sandbox crafting MMORPG with a cozy atmosphere and an open world created by players. Free PvP outside of cities and player owned land. Characters gain stats from the vitamins in food. Arena, battlefields and instances. Game content 21+. Build your world in difficult survival conditions!

The game is in alpha testing and is developed by a team of only two people. The developers are passionate about Rogalia and already have a wonderful community of kind and helpful players! Welcome to the world of Rogalia!

More about the game

Game Mechanics

Game objects[править]

Wood Ore and mining Stone
Crops Trees Other
Containers Defenses Production Furniture
Food Equipment Materials Tools
Non-player characters
Animals Town NPCs Confederation Empire


Report bugs[править]

Please report bugs and errors via the Bugtracker.